Your Cat Coach To The Rescue!

Does any of the following behaviour sound familiar to you?

  •  Litter box issues

  •  Marking/Spraying on furniture

  •  Aggression, Play-Aggression

  •  Excessive meowing during night or day time

  •  Scratching on furniture

  •  Obsessive - compulsive licking

  •  Destructive chewing (Pika)

  •  Shyness

Fortunately, many of these behaviour issues can be corrected. Like humans cats have a wide variety of emotions like fear, joy, anxiety and frustration (to just name a few), that affect their behavior. It is my task to build a strong communication between owner and cat. To stop undesirable behaviour, the owner will have to change patterns of behaviour aswell. 

If you are interested in a consultaion contact me for more information.

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